BHCoE512Battle Heroes: Clash of Empires

Battle Heroes: Clash of Empires combines fast-paced combat with addictive strategic planning and gameplay. Battle thousands of other players online as you build your village and train your troops using the latest smoothest controls.



MSXtreme512Monster Smash Extreme

Monster Smash Xtreme is a riff on the retro arcade games of the past. Simple to play, but difficult to master, and all in the pursuit of the highest score on the leaderboard

Available on the App Store


Sketch SoldiersSketch Soldiers

Take part in the most epic challenge in this colossal adventure game! This unique action game will take you to the summit of the Middle Ages. Be prepared for hours of gaming and visual entertainment as you lead the Eventide Army in a fierce battle against the forces of evil.

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Sky TraceSky Trace

Trace the path for the aircraft and fight against the enemies! Complete a different mission in each stage: Destroy your enemies, protect the VIP, or take part in the decapitation strike, among others. Take control of eight different aircrafts, each with unique attributes.

Available on the App Store          Sky Trace Lite Lite Version        Sky Trace HD HD Version


SQ512Swing Quokka

Help a cuddly quokka reach the sky with a propeller attached to its head. Pass as many logs as you can by tapping the screen to change directions. Avoid those creepy-looking spiders by the opening or you’ll die! Finally, tap your way into the number one spot and compare scores with your friends through the leaderboards!

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Puzzle Mage

Puzzle Mage

Take control of a cute little mage and embark on a new adventure on the Magic Float islands! Using magic,  move the island to change the structure of the maze. Lead the mage to the end of the maze, but watch out for portals, black holes and other surprising elements on the island.

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Three Kingdoms SagaThree Kingdoms Saga

Relive some of the most famous battles during the Eastern Han Dynasty, where social unrest and peasant uprisings were rampant. Play the role of Zhuge Lian in Shu and command soldiers and military officers alike, using mysterious skills and the power of nature to lead your army to victory!

Available on the App Store          Three Kingdoms Saga Pro Pro Version


Fairy AdventureFairy Adventure

Experience a magical tale of friendship and adventure! Join Ellie and Mer as they venture into the dark and dangerous mission to rescue their fairy friends from being held captive; restore peace and order; and eliminate the evil dragon that burned their peaceful village to the ground!

Available on the App Store          Fairy Adventure Lite Lite Version






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