Monster Smash Xtreme now available!

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Put your wits and reflexes to the test with Happy Mage’s classic brick-breaker arcade-style game – Monster Smash Xtreme!

In Monster Smash Xtreme, you take the role of a young adventurer whose mythical ping pong paddle has the power to obliterate the hordes of monsters terrorizing the world! The player must smash the wall of monsters by deflecting a bouncing ball with a paddle. The game is over if the ball touches the bottom of the screen, so you must move the paddle to deflect the ball, keeping it in play, until all monsters are defeated!

 MSXtreme01 MSXtreme02 MSXtreme03

The game features bright and colorful retro-inspired graphics, and an endless mode, where you can play as long as you can to get the highest score. Collect power-ups like cherry bomb, bubble bat, and burner to help you defeat your enemies. Always keep in mind that some monsters need different strategies to tear down.

Download Monster Smash Xtreme, FREE TO PLAY!

google-play-badge Available on the App Store

Swing Quokka propels into your Apple devices!

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The cutest and cuddliest flying quokka is now on iTunes App Store! Get ready to glide your way to the top and reach the skies in this addictive propeller flying game, Swing Quokka!

 SQ01 SQ02 SQ03 SQ04


Help a lovable quokka fulfill his dreams to reach the sky! Avoid as many floating logs as you can by tapping on the screen to change your direction. Steer clear of those sinister-looking spiders or it’s game over for you! Tap your way to the heavens and make it to the leaderboards!

Who wouldn’t want to help an adorable quokka with a propeller on its head? Download Swing Quokka now, FREE, on Google Play and iTunes.

google-play-badgeAvailable on the App Store

Mugen Hero now available on Android!

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Slice and dice jelly-like monstrosities in front of you in this fun, addictive hack and slash arcade-style game!

The world is being invaded by innumerable hordes of evil, mucilaginous monsters. You play as the fledgling hero whose job is to obliterate as many of these monsters as you can! The game is played by defeating red and blue monsters in front of you. Tap the button corresponding to the color of the monsters lined up on your path. The game ends when time runs out or when you tap the incorrect button. Keep slashing as many monsters as you can to get the highest score! Featuring cute pixel graphics and an addictive gameplay, Mugen Hero is perfect for brief, casual fun!

MH02 MH03 MH04 MH05

Download Mugen Hero, for FREE!

Download Iron Match & Dash for your Android!

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Happy Mage proudly presents its latest, most challenging, reflex-based, reaction time game: Iron Match & Dash!


Test your reaction time by quickly dragging the birds into the correct bucket of colored food! Each time a bird appears, a thought bubble pops up above its head, which indicates its needs. You must rapidly drag birds towards one of the buckets according to the color in their thought bubble, and be able to manage time efficiently as more birds arrive. You gain points every time you successfully drag a bird onto the flight platform. Every second counts, so there’s no room for a single mistake!

 IMaD03 IMaD02

Brace yourself for Iron Match & Dash!

Puppy Run dashes onto Android

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Happy Mage is proud to announce the cutest addition to its line of apps – Puppy Run: Peeka Boo!


Meet Peekaboo, the cutest and cuddliest puppy ever! Run, jump, and dress him up in 10 super cute costumes while challenging your speed, strategy and reflexes in this fun filled endless running game!

Unlock Peekaboo’s friends and bring them to run in 4 different places around town! It’s guaranteed to provide you hours of fun!


Let these cute puppies run as fast as they can! Download Puppy Run: Peeka Boo now!

Monster Gem: Puzzle Shooter now available on Google Play!

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Get ready for a unique action-packed, fun-filled adventure! Immerse yourself in a fantasy world of cute and wild creatures in this colorful mix of RPG and bubble-shooting puzzle all rolled into one awesome game! Challenge your skills as you defeat and catch all monsters in 7 different islands in Monster Gem: Puzzle Shooter.


Explore 7 unique islands that hold different types of monsters and try to survive the adventure! Fight your way through for a chance to capture fantastical creatures straight into your pocket. Explore all the islands and collect all monsters to become the best monster tamer! Collect your little Pet Monsters to defeat your opponent!

Play Monster Gem Island today! Download the game on Google Play, FREE!

Hamster Run scurries into Google Play

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Run as fast as you can around the majestic Madagascar rain forests to escape from danger in Hamster Run, Happy Mage’s newest entry for Android.


Hamster Run is a FREE, high-octane running game that will push your skills to the limit. Test your persistence, speed and agility, guiding our furry hero as he jumps, slides under obstacles and sprints away from the voracious grizzly bear and into safety. Collect coins along the way to acquire gear and power-ups that will give our little hamster the edge needed to escape the jaws of death.

HR 2 HR 3 HR 4

Hamster Run is now available for FREE on Google Play!

Sketch Soldiers is a success!

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Sketch Soldiers Screenshot

We launched Sketch Soldiers on iOS last June, and we’re pleased to announce that the game is already a great success. As of this post, the app has garnered a rating of 4.5/5 stars! Here are some things players have been saying about Sketch Soldiers, straight from App Store reviews:

Good Games Deserve Good Reviews (5 stars)
“This is a good simple game… this is a great game for if you’re bored or waiting for something, but yet it can keep you playing for a long time. A wonderful, free masterpiece.”

Fun (5 stars)
“Great thing to play on the bus”

Amazing game (5 stars)
“The game is so much fun I Can not stop playing and repeating levels over and over again. If you see this review you should definitely get this game.”

Great art, animation, music and sound effects. (5 stars)
“Also, a really unique way to generate soldiers. This is a great tower defense game. Very fun.”

Those are just some of the great reviews we’ve received for the game! Thank you everyone for your amazing support, and remember that you can always share your feedback by emailing us at

Sky Trace now available for iOS!

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Sky Trace is a new mobile app available on the App Store, where players trace a path for an aircraft to maneuver through the skies and battle against their enemies.

Sky Trace Screenshot

There are different missions in each stage, medals and achievements to collect, and eight different aircraft for players to take control of, each with different abilities. It’s fun, exciting gameplay wrapped in colorful cutout-style graphics!

To find out more, check out Sky Trace on the App Store!

Available on the App Store

Just released: Sketch Soldiers, free game for iOS

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Announcing Sketch Soldiers, a new strategy defense game where players sketch their way to victory over the evil forces of the Dark Lord. The goal is simple: Build your army by summoning enough soldiers to defeat your enemies.

Sketch Soldiers Screenshot

The twist: You have to draw the right shape on the screen in order to call out the soldier you want to summon. You can choose from a variety of warriors with different abilities: Paladins, Pikemen, Ninjas, Specters and Wizard, among others.

To learn more about the game, check it out on the App Store and download for free!

Available on the App Store