Sketch Soldiers is a success!

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Sketch Soldiers Screenshot

We launched Sketch Soldiers on iOS last June, and we’re pleased to announce that the game is already a great success. As of this post, the app has garnered a rating of 4.5/5 stars! Here are some things players have been saying about Sketch Soldiers, straight from App Store reviews:

Good Games Deserve Good Reviews (5 stars)
“This is a good simple game… this is a great game for if you’re bored or waiting for something, but yet it can keep you playing for a long time. A wonderful, free masterpiece.”

Fun (5 stars)
“Great thing to play on the bus”

Amazing game (5 stars)
“The game is so much fun I Can not stop playing and repeating levels over and over again. If you see this review you should definitely get this game.”

Great art, animation, music and sound effects. (5 stars)
“Also, a really unique way to generate soldiers. This is a great tower defense game. Very fun.”

Those are just some of the great reviews we’ve received for the game! Thank you everyone for your amazing support, and remember that you can always share your feedback by emailing us at

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