Swing Quokka propels into your Apple devices!

by admin

The cutest and cuddliest flying quokka is now on iTunes App Store! Get ready to glide your way to the top and reach the skies in this addictive propeller flying game, Swing Quokka!

 SQ01 SQ02 SQ03 SQ04


Help a lovable quokka fulfill his dreams to reach the sky! Avoid as many floating logs as you can by tapping on the screen to change your direction. Steer clear of those sinister-looking spiders or it’s game over for you! Tap your way to the heavens and make it to the leaderboards!

Who wouldn’t want to help an adorable quokka with a propeller on its head? Download Swing Quokka now, FREE, on Google Play and iTunes.

google-play-badgeAvailable on the App Store

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